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Rosa Royale Group

Located on the first floor of Rosa Royale Building, the project is the sales office of the developers for the numerous projects in their township. The office has been setup on an area of approximately 2,700 sq.ft., with basic but very specific requirements.

The office has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the clients & their penchant for white colored surfaces. White duco paint & white corian are the common materials followed throughout the office along with white painted glass & crystal white flooring to go with theme. A small percent of veneer & highlighter materials have been used to balance the look. All the table counter tops are finished in corian material as requested by the client.

The conference room is made up with maximum whites with the table highlighted with low hanging pendant light discs. Storage is blended with display niches to make it look less bulky. The Glass panel with random diagonal bands renders a very contemporary & new age look to the room.

The main cabin is a large space divided by a credenza into 2 areas without limiting the vision. The area is adorned with paintings, artifact displays & Backlit onyx to break the starkness of the cabin. The backdrop of the second director’s cabin is clad with panels of silver travertine & white texture boards with maximum proportions of veneer, cleverly camouflaging the bathroom door.

A lot of clear glass has been used in the reception area, such as the entry to the conference & directors cabin, the sales cabins behind the reception area & behind the reception table so as to give maximum feel of largeness & continuity to the otherwise restricted & limited space. The reception area glass overlooks the passage entering the director’s cabin & conference room, allowing the viewer the depth of the area. The passage has steps clad in Irish brown Italian marble, conveniently leading the way directly to the sample flats from the sales office itself.

The basic height of the office was good at 11’-0” that afforded a door height of 8’-0”throughout the office. The reception & the conference areas though were a challenge due to sunken slabs & beams in the ceiling. The false ceilings have thus been designed to cleverly camouflage & blend the conflicting levels of the ceiling.

Other areas including the partitions between cabins too have been treated with glass to bring about connectivity within different areas using frosted or painted glass wherever privacy was a priority. Silver Travertino panels with the company logo adorn both the reception area as well as the main entrance. The contemporary reception table design using white corian surface cladding, complement the classic travertine clad backdrop.

The entry staircase is finished in classic materials such as Irish brown Italian marble for staircase & Travertine for Signage board, adorned with artificial bougainvilleas rendering a warm welcome to those entering the office.

About Vipul & Bhavisha Designs

After gaining professional practice for some years from various design houses, Vipul Patel & Bhavisha Sidhpura-Patel established their own designing firm, turning many a mundane spaces into sumptuous & luxurious environments.

The practice provides a comprehensive Interior Design service for Residential & Commercial Projects as well as Building Lobbies & Sample flats for Builders & Developers. The design principles are based upon the lines of Contemporary style & Minimalism with a strong appreciation for functionality teamed with timeless sophistication.

Fact file:
Client - Rosa Royale Group
Area- 2,700 sq.ft.
Duration of Project: 3 months
Photographs- Picturesque Photographic Works