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Green School Stockholm Stockholm, Sweden

Green School Stockholm is a new type of school with a modern approach to sustainable living. By actively educating about locally grown food, and by creating a multitude of green exterior public spaces, the building encompasses a full lifetime of sustainable living: from kindergarten to high school, college dorms to senior apartments.

The building is formed by two adjoining arcs. The green school and accompanying greenhouse constitute the public arc and allow for internal and external circulation through the building with the vegetation growing all around. Nine levels of housing for students and seniors twist, slide and shift to create wide private terraces and maximum daylight exposure.

Hanging gardens and vertical farming

Wide atriums open up the green school to accommodate spontaneous learning. This green pathway through the school culminates with a large greenhouse as the focal point. The greenhouse encompasses three enclosed levels for maximum productive growing and extends upwards with hanging gardens and vertical farming alongside the student and senior residences.
Inside the public area of the building is an organic food store, where the organically grown vegetables from the greenhouse are sold. The Green School’s kindergarten is located directly adjacent to a birch grove. Here, the children get their own safe oasis.
Green terraces outside the building allow pedestrians to ascend the building and move from the lower northern side of the site up and across the street to the higher southern side. The building thus becomes a productive extension of the planned green corridor for the area as well as an avenue for the public.

Client: Confidential
Architect: 3XN
Size: Aprox. 22,800 m2 + 1,600 m2 greenhouse.
Status: In progress

About Company


We create architecture for people through a complex approach tailored to users and clients.

We build on the Scandinavian tradition of clear functionality and simple beauty. Each new project rests on the shoulders of our previous work, even though we always challenge conventions. We see each new project as a research that enhances our experience and sharpen our approach.

We combine a broad knowledge of materials, technology and user needs with organizational strengths in financial management, project management and execution. It gives us the freedom to push boundaries and challenge traditional thinking. And it means that we can work in safe knowledge that we can make playful and innovative architecture rise from the drawing board and come alive.

3XN translates visions into reality and is continually committed to making today's work tomorrow's architectural heritage.

Kim Herforth Nielsen, Architect MAA/RIBA, is the Founder of 3XN and Principal Architect with overall creative responsibility. Bo Boje Larsen, Architect MAA, is CEO and responsible for the detailed design process, administration, finance, strategy and organisation.

Jan Ammundsen, Architect MAA, is Head of the Competition Department.
Kasper Guldager Jørgensen, Architect MAA, is Director of 3XN’s Innovation Unit, GXN.