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Miraflores-Barranco Footbridge

Lima Municipality proposes the connection between Miraflores and Barranco districts with an iconic pedestrian bridge over the deep natural gap called Bajada de Armendáriz, which ends just in front of Pacific Ocean.

Those two districts are very particular on Peruvian capital.

In one side Miraflores, majestic, residential, were you can find important shopping centers that became new urban attraction points on the past years. Is also the place where you can find most of the touristic hotels.

On the other side Barranco, the city bohemian district. On the Colonial Epoch it used to be the leisure area, and it keeps its charm. Nowadays there are many museums and cultural live. Walking though its streets you can find several musicians and at night is the fashionable place to go for dinner with friends.

Two districts with personality, and if they were connected by foot they both could get good profits one from the other. They are separated by the natural depression Bajada de Armendáriz, used as the logic way down to the beach for one of the most important city´s highways, increasing break up perception.

OOIIO proposes a bridge as a landmark, a new city´s symbol, a meeting point, an object that welcomes Lima inhabitants to cross over from one district to the other. Thanks to its special and flashy shape it will encourage tourists walk, promoting urban activities on it.

You can use this bridge as a relaxing place, for lying under the sun, to sit down and see how people walks or the cars drive, to watch sunsets. It is a small size amphitheatre to encourage urban activities on it.

This bridge is also a garden, a plaza, a viewpoint, a sculpture, a terrace, a meeting-point, an element to shake the city.

It is an opportunity to get a landscape regeneration of this big city void. Thanks to its unique shape and location this new object will be seen from many places, and at the same time you could watch everything from it.

This is bridge to see and to be seen which recovers the whole area.

Status: Design Development.
Location: Lima, Peru.
Area: 2,030 m2.
Design: OOIIO Architecture.
Team: Joaquin Millán Villamuelas,
Silvia Wu Yi Acuy, Magdalena Polvorinos Caeiro,
Ana Rosa Maroto Gómez, Cristina Vicario del Cojo,
Gonzalo Javier García Duclos.
Client: Lima Municipality.

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