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Blending with nature

The blend of minimalism incorporating traditional design to produce a style which may be called “Basic Chic”

The project set off to create a low-impact, nature-based accommodations, protect the surrounding environment; benefit the local community; offer tourists an interpretative and interactive participatory experience; provide a spiritual communion with nature and culture and are designed, constructed and operated in an environmentally and socially sensitive manner.”

Kanha Earth Lodge is located in a sylvan setting just 8 Km from the Khati a Gate of Kanha National Park, on the verge of the buffer zone of dense Sal forest. In designing the Lodge, foremost effort was made to create facilities promoting eco wildlife tourism. It is not uncommon to sight deer, monkeys, and from the comfort of ones veranda. Once in a while the ‘King of the Jungle’ himself graces us with his presence not far from the Lodge. As many as 60 bird species visit the property. In other words, the Lodge is an integral part of the natural setting.

The dip pool is placed within a cluster of trees, for privacy. Stone masonry has been used in the plinth & stone flag masonry in the paving. No excavation was done; rather the pool was raised up affording views of the buffer forest with which the infinity pool merges. Stone niche (arba) for lighting provides soft diff used light. Reclaimed boulders from the site were used for making a cascade.

Each cottage is oriented adjacent to a tree such that, the shadows cast, remains over the cottage for the better part of the day. This helps in reducing radiant heat gain. The basic concept has been derived from the vernacular architecture of the area, including the usage of mud plaster, stone, terracotta tiles & rough hewn timber beams & columns. All these elements are orchestrated to present a harmonious design. The footprint is kept to a minimum & the visual impact of cottages is greatly reduced by the use of locally available materials.

The lodge has been designed with the hierarchy of spaces as follows. From the main entrance, the parking has been screened off, so that vehicles and headlights do not disturb the guests in their rooms. The spaces consist of a central ramped barrier free approach leading to a central foyer, flanked by a library & dining with a sit out beyond overlooking a wet land & buffer forest. The dining is a double height space with large glazed openings connecting the interior visually with the forest surrounding. The dining and the library have a stone masonry fire place which as the central focus of the space enhances the beauty of interior and it acts as a focal point of the interior space. A Stone masonry screen wall separates an independent kitchen building.

The stone masonry walls with large cut-outs were used to layer the spaces affording a fluid transition from one to the other. The library boasts of fairly comprehensive collection of books on wildlife, along with screening facility for nature films. The library duplicates as a pre supper interactions area, where one may read or converse besides a cosy fireplace, and conduct wildlife programmes. The hallmark of the dining area is the multi levelled pitched roofs and chunky organic furniture. The high ceiling with large fenestrations provides comfortable conditions indoors. A triple layer of terracotta tiles, G.I. corrugated sheets and false ceiling in the roofing system provides effective insulation.

Name of Project : Kanha Earth Lodge, Distt : Balaghat
Principal Architect : Deepak Srivastava
Architects : Deepak Srivastava, Padmaja Srivastava,
Yogesh Badgaiyan, Kaushal Bhadourya,
Name of Firm : Archinova Design Group
Address : E-2, 101, Arera Colony, Bhopal- 462016
Phone No : 9826027728, 0755-2429733
Email :
Site Area : 16 acres Constructed area: 17000 sq.ft .
Time of completi on : Two years.