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Smiles Forever - Dental Clinic

The first thought of designing a dental clinic was considered a routine affair but after having designed Smiles Forever a dental clinic treating kids and adults my outlook towards designing a healthcare space has been fine tuned. Most of us get petrified when it comes to visiting a dentist and specially when it comes to kids its even more. So the challenge was not only in designing an aesthetically pleasing clinic but also how best to divert the attention of the kids from the treatment phobia.

As the clinic caters to kids as well as grown-ups care had to be taken from both angles –i.e. to create an environment which would address both.Since the space had to be kid friendly minutest details had to be taken into account like soft edges, padded corners for seating, indirect lighting in the recovery room etc.

The clinic comprises of a Reception Waiting, Common washroom, Play Area, Pantry, Sterlisation room, Operatory area for adults and Operatory area for kids with recovery room and a small space for consultation which was kind of challenging in a 730 sq.ft of space. The priority while designing was to keep in mind the technical requirements for the equipments using materials which provided easy maintenance and hygiene.

The waiting & reception area boasts of luxury with veneer, mirror cladded wall, ceiling in wood & Barrisol, plush Corian reception desk, Breccia marina marble and upholstered sofas. Various forms & shapes are used in glass, table and wall paneling creating the drama the concept required. The waiting overlooks the play area with an unusual shaped glasspartition to enable parents keep vigil over the tiny tots at play.

The play area wall has random sized boxes which act as storage few of them having some display. The panels are covered with cartoon graphics right from classic characters to the new icons of today’s time. Further delights were added by a lego table, a hook shaped fun seat, scribbling board and play station. Dr. AkankshaGulati who owns the facility involves in arranging field trips for schools to have around 20 odd kids to watch interesting but important visuals on TV. This can help foster better dental care.

In the pediatric operatory area the décor is vibrant with revolving tall cabinets in different hues which act as a library cum display for toys & curios. The Midmark dental chair stands out with bright yellow upholstery which contrasts well with the other schemes.

The furniture in these operatory areas is in white lamination, corian and wood finish laminate which look classy. Windows have a ledge in marble which overlaps on the wall giving a photo frame look to it. The ceiling in the operatory areas has cove lighting in different shapes to ensure that patients are cool when they rest and look above.

The bathroom has been completely designed in grey William marble with etched mirror continuing the linear pattern on the marble walls.

The client’s desire to have a sophisticated ambience with state of the art paraphernalias at the same time being away from the routines of a clinic was met.

Fact Sheet

Name of the project : Smiles Forever Dental Clinic
Location : Peddar Road, Mumbai
Name of the Client : Dr. AkankshaGulati
The Designer : Baldiwala Associates
Materials Used : Corian& Veneer for furnitur some finishes are in lamination.
                             Brecia Marina & Grey William marbles are used for the reception &
                             bathroom respectively.
                             Barrisol Stretch Ceiling is used in the waiting
                             Dental Chairs – Midmark
Furniture designed by : Baldiwala Associates
Accessory courtesy : Client
Branding : Colour Craft Studio