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Saifee Hospital Maternity

The client belonging to the health sector wanted the design to symbolise pleasantness in the maternity ward of the hospital. The sincere briefing was essentially about creating a soothing environment that would instantly put an anguished mother at ease.

The Maternity section is within an existing hospital in the buzzing city of Mumbai. With a brilliant infrastructure set-up this maternity section truly stands apart in terms of its vibrant interiors. Making the journey of walking past each section a nostalgic reminder of a home away from home.

The concept of environmental graphics was infused to create the feelings of mother-child emotions. Which is why the design conceptualized for the section evolved around the theme of dolphins, which have the inherent qualities of maternal emotions, intimate relationship, gentleness and being playful.

The Maternity section extends itself to two levels. To being with the lower level comprises of the labour rooms, spacious pre and post-natal equipment stores, a vibrant operation theatre with state of art amenities and lively rooms housing bright ceilings to assuage new mothers in hours of distress.

Well furnished wards greet you at the upper level where the mother steps onto a new threshold of her life with her new born. Which is why the original colours scheme of blue and pink is reversed here to add newness to the entire floor. The dolphin illustration designed tiles bordering the walls in each ward has been especially outsourced. Sleek television sets, cosy drapes, lively rooms have been deliberately placed to create a homely atmosphere for the covering mother. Sun-screen roller blinds have been used to minimize the penetration of heat in the room as well as offer a lovely view of the expanse of the Arabian Sea. In the midst of twin sharing wards stands out a special exclusive single room too. Aesthetically designed it has a foldable partition door for privacy.

Common to both sections are teak veneers flashed with blue and pink tiles and doors. Similarly the placing of similar vitrified floor tiles on both the levels offered oneness and continuity in design. The unique tapestry of colors punctuations, images, fabrics and various units stand tall being set against the backdrop of a rather neutral floor tiles adding much needed impact. The interplay of sturdy wood with these infantile colours adds a contemporary zing to the design. The brimming dolphin thematically is omnipresent in the tiles embryonic enclosing of walls, the wall mural glass mosaic or in the stain glass foldable partition. The passages in both sections run like a thread connecting us to the intimacy that parenting offers.

The acknowledgement of this simple truth that strategic vision and placing of amenities can create the ethereal feeling of motherhood was in itself a rewarding experience.

About Baldiwala Associates

BALDIWALA ASSOCIATES - Consultants in Interior Design have since over three decades been creatively involved in designing of Corporate offices, Royal Villas, Apartments, Public Places and such other spaces.

Making beautiful and functional places of available spaces has been the forte of the organisation. Alongwith a talented team we have been able to meet with the needs of the day and offer state of the art creations in their works.

We endeavour to see that the design not only offers better aesthetics to the surroundings but is also conducive to better performance. Our achievements lie in making a house a home, a villa addressed royally and a work place a pleasing and functional environment.

Designing interiors is an enlightening journey from concept to reality. Therefore in-depth study of the requirements and clients lifestyle are the core of the project and absolutely inevitable. Aim is to achieve these creatively with a focus on functionality and an all time influence.

Present advancement in technology and globalization have a lot to offer in terms of speed and trends which indeed is remarkable. However, it’s the human element in the approach that ultimately produces designs that improve the quality of life around us. And alongwith this theory we firmly believe in being innovative which indeed has brought to us people with high expectations from all walks of life.

Baldiwala Associates is reputed for a total package in Interior field. Having tremendous capability of undertaking conceptual designing to detail drawings and to translate them into reality by undertaking execution including project management and sourcing materials internationally.