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Modernity blends with Tradition

This is a modern house built with traditional materials and stands tall as a dream project for the entire family and a challenge to team
Ergo d Novate to cater the needs of every member of the family ranging from JD Kaka 79 years old to the youngest granddaughter 12 years old.

The core objective of selecting the project site of JD Villa in Dumral village was to be deeply rooted to their ancestral origin and to enjoy the quality life of rural environment and catering urban lifestyles within the complex with the theme of PANCH MAHABHUTA.

The client Jayantibhai Dahyabhai Patel (JD) a native of village DUMRAL used to live in a very crowded area before he shifted to new dream home. He was very specific about his dream home. A large plot of 20,000 sq.m was used to build this home. The client lives in a joint family so they wanted a house where each member has their private space and in the same time they have spaces for larger gatherings.

Joint family systems maybe fast dwindling, but they are far from extinct. Several families in India still live together, thrive and prosper. They have magic bonding and complexities of relationships nursed and embedded into their very structure.

Here we look at one such family which defined its very existence within the very design and architecture of the home they built and created.

This residence was conceptualized as per Hindu philosophy Panch Mahabhuta.

Panch Mahabhuta are the five elements that created the universe, us and everything around us.

A quote in one of the ancient books of Hindu philosophy says,

“When Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky arise, when the five attributes of elements become manifest then the yogi’s body become purified and he is free from illness, old age and death “

This depicts the connection of human body to these five elements is the key reason behind an individual’s wellness.

Blending these five elements- Akasha, Bhumi, Jal, Agni and Vayu in different proportions was our aim while conceptualizing this project,

Akasha (sky) : open to sky spaces are created in form of court yard which connects different spaces of house

Bhumi (earth) : The ground floor structure gets blended with grass counters and natural stone boulders. The use of natural stone in façade keeps the entire habitat connected with Bhumi - the mother earth.

Jal (water) : small water bodies are placed near the entrance and the verandah with fountains which creates soothing sound, atmosphere and ambiance.

Agni (fire) : the sunlight at dawn and dusk penetrates the entire house through the glass facades and open to sky court yards giving natural light through out the daytime.

Vayu (wind) : specially designed stone jali are placed in the wind directions which provides natural ventilation and screening from light, imbuing their surroundings with a calm, cool and airy environment. During the day, as sunlight streams through the jali, the patterns form magical shadow and reflection that grace the adjacent floors and wall.



The site is located on the outskirts of city and near the highway facing open farming fields. The design starts with the concept of ‘central open courtyard’ theme with a single storey structure where the family members are easily connected with each other and yet they have their private spaces as well. The different rooms all face the courtyard. Thus this courtyard becomes a unified gathering space for the family.

The landscape was planned to camouflage the superstructure. The site is located in the center of Gujarat where summer temperatures reaches 47 degrees. The site has large swathes of land around it . The design team started by placing stone jalis in the wind directions at different locations in the house enabling natural ventilation and keeping it cool in the harsh summer. The jalis also enable the use of natural light to a maximum.

Small water bodies are placed near the entrance and the verandah with fountains providing lyrical soothing sounds, and an idyllic atmosphere and ambience.

Natural materials are used extensively in the project to give an earthy and rustic look.

Exposed RCC on the ceilings of the passage add to this rusticity and simplicity. The pattern in exposed RCC was derived after doing tessellation of different forms. The long linear passage was visually made interesting by creating patterns in the expose RCC slab. The same pattern was followed for the design of stone jali and the metal space frames. The stone jalis and metal space frames give a good shadow play on wall and floor at different times of the day and night creating a sense of drama in the space.

Natural stones have being used in the exterior cladding of the house to give a strong and bold look to the facade and to break the monotony. The natural stones also help in protecting against the harsh sun in summer.

All the colors used in this residence are natural and organic. White, brown and green color palette runs across the entire project. The color brown is the color of earth, wood, stone. It also stands for protection and supporting the family with great sense of duty and responsibility. Brown color calls for high priority, a strong need for security, belonging to a family. The color white signifies purity, innocence and integrity. Green is a lively color, and it symbolizes renewal and growth. It is the color of spring, when everything comes to life.

Australian white marble is used for the flooring is coolly offset with the white color walls and brown furniture, tapestry and soft furnishings. Special Bolivian wood was used in the entire project.

The lush green landscape which gets camouflaged represents the coolness of green.

 The essence of this house is its “hand crafted” things and artefacts. The stone jali was specially hand crafted by the artisans and the each stone used in cladding was hand crafted and placed on its particular position.

Each piece of the furniture was specially designed for the particular user of the family and was manufactured at the workshop of the furniture contractor.

Living room:
A large living room for the joint family was placed adjoining to the central courtyard on one side and have a large window on other side giving the view of exterior landscaping. Minimalist furniture is kept in the room and specially designed wooden motif reflecting a leaf is placed on the blank wall of the living room to give a little touch of contemporary vernacular feel. 

There are 8 bedrooms in the villa and each one is unique and designed according to user of the family. Simple straight line furniture is designed with solid wooden flooring. Each of the rooms have three different views of the garden as there is opening in three walls which connects the exterior landscape with the bedrooms.

The requirement for the kitchen is this home was large. A joint family connects with food. The space designated for this large joint family kitchen was hence large. A C shaped platform with large Central Island was planned which had 3 cooking ranges fitted in the central island to be used by the ladies of the family. Acrylic solid surface - Corian was used in the kitchen platform to give a homogeneous look of the large platform of the kitchen.

Stone crafted wash basins are designed for each of the rooms.


About designers

Yash Patel & Rachita Patel are both graduates in Architecture from Arvindbhai Patel Institute of Environmental Design, Gujarat.
Rachita later went on to do M.Design - Ceramic and Glass (Industrial Design) at NID. 

After gaining experience they joined Ergo d Novate as partners. Ergo d Novate  is a creative global firm with the mantra of providing user friendly innovative design solutions mainly concentrating in environmental and industrial design.


Fact Sheet:

Project : JD Villa , A Courtyard Abode
Location:  Nadiad, Gujarat
Client : Mr. Dharmesh Patel
Builtup area : 12,000 sq.ft

 Firm Name : Ergo d Novate        
Principal Architects : Yash Patel & Rachita Patel
Design Team : Pradeep Patel, Shailoo Patel,
Dipali Khammar


Concrete : Ultra Tech
Sanitary ware & Fittings : Jaquar & Artize
Flooring : Italian flooring, Engineered flooring
from Kalinga, hardwood and laminate flooring

Air Conditioning : Daikin
Lighting: Philips, wooden & copper lights (Rachita)
Hardware : Haffele
Paint : Asian Paint
Arts/artifacts : Ergo d Novate and others


Structural : Jaymin Desai
Electrical : Kalika Electrials
Civil : Rajesh Bhimani
Landscape : Karmamvir Gatge & Associates
Hvac : Finnair
Plumbing : Vraj Sanitation
PMC : Comfy
Carpentry : Comfy
Glass work and hardware : Contractor & Sons
Drapes : Fabric Ville
Furniture : Custom designed by ergo d novate & Comfy
Photography: Tejas Shah