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The Purple Ink Studio

Aditi Pai Heranjal

F09, Naveen Apts,
13th Main, Off Palace Rd.,
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Arch De Store

Its meant to take you back when arched windows with heavy drapery were create stage. The new upbeat and contemporary spirit of the AD boutique – a fabric/drapery retail flagship store nestled in the heart of Bengaluru city, speaks to its constituents in that medieval tone.
The modest space of 650 sqft is celebrated with an accentuated idea of the arched windows with drapery, of the by-gone era which is represented in the most quintessential form, the “Arch”. The strong geometry of an arch articulated in a modern dialog creates the setting for a dramatically themed display.
The design is exemplified with the use of both modern and traditional materials in the palette. The arch is entirely structured in wood and finished to appreciate the natural grains while it takes the colossal monolithic form to hold the complete interior space together.
The walls constructed in exposed wire-cut bricks along with the floor, walls and part of the display furniture in exposed concrete finish are rugged elements within the space which respect the true characteristic of the material. Although the overall material palette is natural and modernistic in approach, the furniture responds to the elements of the by-gone era and adds in a display of color and a tinge of ornamentation to the overall design scheme.
The interior space breaks up fluidically into waiting, meeting and showcasing areas, each of which carefully weaves the materials on display within the interior design dialog allowing the shopper the freedom to get a look-and-feel all around the retail space.
In achieveing this fantastical look in a modest area, the Purple Ink Studio have stretched the imagination to create an awe inspiring touch and feel for their clients.