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Of Living Together

A constant desire to design space that is functional yet artistic has led Ar. Aditya  Agrawal, Principal Designer and MD of OCA-Office For Contemporary Architecture, to elevate the luxurious living in the rapid developing city Indore.

The 18,000 sq.ft. villa at Sampat Farms, Indore was to designed for two brothers Sumit & Santosh Sachdeva. The clients needed an open planning concept to enhance family interactions and integrate all activities for the joint family.

The brief to the design team required lush green spaces, 4 level structure including the ground level for the two brothers and their families. The needs of all the individuals should be looked after and yet treating the whole unit as one for the family.

The journey of design starts as one enters the pathway into the villa. A well laid out path using multiple levels of mint white stone and grass carpet, the decorative shrubs and golden bamboo plantation on either side, the sculpture and the backlit wall cladding usher family and guest into the house.

This a 4 storey house, ground plus 3. The drawing room on the ground floor has a wall with shell inlay work done over stone. The sliding glass and natural vertical landscape provide comfort and elegance. A guest room and a play area also located on this level. The play area for the three kids (a girl and twin boys) is decorated with bubbly color combinations and a butterfly ceiling for fun and frolic.

The permutation of small rotating panels over one single panel lead to partial partition on first and second floor.

The high ceilings and the Italian marble flooring exude a sense of vastness throughout the villa. Plenty of artefacts adorn the different areas. The clients had their old collection of artefacts which were blended with the new the metal and ceramic pieces.

The living area is located on first floor along with a luminous landscaped balcony. The balcony is beautifully landscaped with a water body. Elegant brass urns as fountains, hanging lamps and vibrant plants bring in nature

The walls of the living room are finished in silver leafing, Italian marble, polycoat finish and glass. The wall behind the T.V in living space is the perfect stone work of mint white stone and carved stone.

Living and dining areas on this floor are divided by personified water body and sensational plants surrounding the live area.

A pristine white open kitchen overlooks the dining area and allows interaction between the two spaces. The ceiling of dining area is provided with skylight along with hanging lights thus creating an astounding look.

The floor to floor flow of this villa is from a lift and two staircases. One is a wooden staircase which follows the rhythm of the theme of the villa and other staircase with wooden paneling has a carefully carved lotus over wooden veneer panel on railing and gold and silver leafing.

Family lounge along with sit-out with flourishing landscape and waterfall in balcony outfitted with raw wood and stone furniture  allows the outer illumination to enter this floor weaving in an element of flexibility that can completely transform the look of family lounge with utmost ease.

A clever mix of contemporary furniture pieces and dramatic modern art add an eclectic modern aesthetic to the interiors of the villa.

The bedrooms are all spacious and well laid out. Cushioned seating, multiple lighting features, panelling, wall clading, luxury furnishings, paintings and art works make the bedrooms rooms comfortable and cozy.

The bathrooms are sophisticated and extravagant with the Italian marble, shower cubicle and ornate bath fixtures.

Based on the French concept with ethnic touch and use of rusty paneling, the master bedroom on this floor adds drama to the mansion

The vibrant finishing of yellow metallic polycoat and wooden veneers in kid’s bedroom create an ambiance of contentment and hope for the bright living of the kids with their beds and study area set in a functional manner.

This guest bedroom which has cut-work with back lighting and wall cabinets with mirror back complimenting the decor.

The cut-work in MDF with back-lighting over wallpaper and use of subtle color shades of grey and white over other walls and ceilings defines the master bedroom on terrace floor, in spite the use of such combinations this room is the excellence choice of the designer which makes the room filled with so much liveliness. The dress area of this room is designed smartly with Italian marble finish instead of handles without disturbing the user’s comfort.  Spa and gym area are combined within the same space according to the client’s requirement. Spa being equipped with Jacuzzi creates a sensational space along with a steam room.

The fabric cladding over wooden paneling and rainbow colors (VIBGYOR) linear lights in the home theatre with recliner seating commit the space to be pleasant and providing a theatre feel at home.

The most eye-catching part of the whole mansion is it’s terrace garden and gazebo area which sum up the theme of the Sachdev’s villa. Gazebo with Indian seating reflects the designer’s ethnic sense to blend the traditional with modern day art.

Ar. Aditya Agrawal along with his design team has ensured that versatility can be  mixed with sensitivity to create a luxurious experience for their client.