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Lake View

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, is where this rather scenic home dwells. A lush blend of nature and man made art are the hallmarks of this space. Ar. Hiren Patel and team take pains to maintain the delicate balance between man and nature to create a veritable haven.

The client is an artist and an art-collector. He wanted his house to reflect his love for art and his taste and preferences through the display of all the art works he has collected over the years. His wife being an excellent homemaker also had her preferences to share. The couple essentially wanted the home to represent the big lake on the plot as a key element of design and provide display niches via special nooks and wall positioning that would highlight their art collection in the best way possible. In short, a home for their beloved high value art collection not just on canvas, but extending to pottery, sculpture, decorative figurines as well.

White walls were chosen as the perfect backdrop for any type of painting along with a gray exposed RCC wall to complement the Spartan look to it, offset by the black granite floor. The dull and muted background thus worked as a highlighter to the art on display , drawing natural attention to the artworks on the walls. The furniture and fittings in the house thus blend with this artistic backdrop. The design sensibilities of the designers were in full play here.

The furniture is cool mix of modern and traditional. The traditional jhulla sits pretty in the centre of the living space, which sofas and dinner table and chair with heavy wooded effects coexist here. Nature and art are the stars in this display. Lush green surroundngs complimented with smart planters around the house add to the rustic feel in the home. The overarching lake in the vicinity along with innumerous artefacts create a rather magnificient ambience in the house.

The natural trails in the garden area are randomly dotted with a variety of human, animal and inanimate sculptures, leading up to a wooden deck that projects forward onto the lake for a truly picturesque view of water, earth and sky co-mingling nature’s most nourishing elements together in a unified creative process.

A double use has been determined for the couple’s front bedroom – it also serves as the studio-cum-library and has an attached verandah with a unique sun-breaker. Full size windows in the living space maintain the visual connect with the lake it faces and this common entertaining room is also linked to two bedrooms in the home by a glazed passage, left frameless to create a feeling of depth.

Thus, controlled experimentation with varied material finishes, different levels to a compact, yet neat material finishes, different levels to a compact, yet neat home plan and a house filled with creative energies of residents and visitors alike, makes up the dynamics of this dream home of an artist, in residence with nature.

Basic principles of Architecture have been applied to the house and use of art & art-objects make the spaces of ‘timeless’ quality.

Architecture, Interior & Landscape Design is all done by HPA, they are thus well synchronized with each other.

The Lake House
Architects/Designer – Hiren Patel Architects
Project Location – Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Project Type - Residential
Year of completion  – 2008
Photography – Sebastian Zachariah