Zubin Zainuddin & Krupa Zubin

ZZ Architects

A-403, Prathmesh Tower
Raghuvanshi Mills Compound
Lower Parel (W)
Mumbai 400013


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A Contemporary Bungalow & A Place to Play

Mumbai is a city of apartments. Bungalows exist but are fast becoming rare in a metropolis where each square foot is more expensive than gold.

So if and when a bungalow is made , it has to be state of the art, exclusive and exquisite.
Below we describe a bungalow located in Mumbai and is spread over the area of 12000 sq.ft. The home and the garden surrounding it are both vital and interconnected spaces which can be used easily by the homeowners as well as guests. Designed by ZZ Architects it epitomizes the space and beauty quotient .
Here an extensive garden positioned in the rear of the site was a main feature to make this home truly unique in the city. The entry to this garden is from a separate path right from the main entrance which makes it convenient for the guests to use it.

An outdoor bar and seatings done in civil work make sure that a large number of guests can be entertained at any time. A jogging track and outdoor dining facilities ensure that the garden gets used more often.
The client wanted a seamless feel between the outdoor and indoor spaces. The aim was to create a vertical bungalow comprising of G+4 floors.

Each floor caters to individual usage. Each floor has a feel of a private suite housing a bedroom, walk-in-closet, bath and lounge spread out over approximately 2000 sq.ft. All the private lounges and bedrooms are distinctive to the character of each of the floors and the end users. The balcony at each level overlooks the finely manicured garden. The bungalow also accommodates private libraries, puja room, a study with an internet station and a spa & massage room on the terrace.

The living room has glass walls that blur the boundaries between interiors and exteriors. The different grouping of sofas provides a combination of formal and informal seating. The dining table sits on a slightly higher level than the floor level. Soft lighting on the periphery of the platform makes the entire space appear to float.

The lighting is from Flos and Established & Sons. The furniture has been sourced from different brands across the world. The beds and side tables are customized to suit the specific requirements of the site.

The piece de resistance is the home theatre room in the lowest level of the bungalow. The bungalow also houses a 20ft. long pool which runs the length of the screen and measures 10ft. on its longer side. A motorized cover over the pool converts the space to a party zone with seating arrangements for a large number of guests.

A strong contemporary material palette has been used throughout the house. Use of variety of natural stones and marbles gives the home a contemporary feel.  A lot of emphasis has been given on lighting throughout the home. A mix of customized and bought out furniture, 12’ high living spaces, expansive garden conceptualized by ZZ Architects and a visual connectivity between indoor and outdoor spaces; all these features give this house a distinct identity.