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In Sync with the Greens

Located in the suburbs of Vadodra, this house speaks volumes in terms of spaces and design. The awe from the outside transfers smoothly inside revealing its true glory from architecture to interiors. The double height atrium projects itself with soft yet strong elements of the jali partition rendering the staircase and the magnificent sculpture; leaving the mind impressionable.

Treading further, the house tells its story, ambient yet remarkable, smooth yet firm, each space identifies itself with subtle colours and liveliness brought about through classic upholstery and intricate classical designs that speaks the same rich tone in unison.

The living room is simple and elegant with attractive jaliwindowcatching all the attention and a modest swing bringing out the flavour of the space.

The kitchen is fairly spacious overlooking the lawn. The large french windows bring in plenty of light and one can enjoy a breakfast or a meal facing the lawns. Neatly aligned cabinets on either side in a happy  lavender colour liven up the kitchen and add a punch. Appliances are neatly fitted in the cabinet units making it clutter free.

Each bedroom has been uniquely designed to reflect the end user’s comfort and ownership.  
The garden has been well designed such that each nook and corner is justified and used to its potential. A nice gazebo opens up to lush green garden with a serene water body just perfect for a relaxing evening.

Project Fact -file
•    Client’s Name: Mr. Satish Desai
•    Duration: 18 months
•    Principal designer: DipenGada
•    Design Team: Dolly Pari, Arpit Jain, ShilpaBhagchandani
•    Site Coordinato: Nimesh Panchal
•    Photograph: Tejas Shah
•    Text: Nidhi Patel