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Kapil K. Aggarwal
A-21/A, Basement,
South Extension-II,
New Delhi-110049
Tel: 26268108, 26268109


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Joint Living

Kapil Aggarwal did his B.Arch in 1996 from MIT, Manipal and worked for 3 years with architectural office. He has an inclination for fine arts since childhood. He considers himself an artist turned into an architect, and considers his project an extension of his art form, his renovated house a reflection of his self where each space has been considered as a canvas frame.

He has won 29 International and National award in last few years, he has been working on projects carrying from furniture designing to corporate building schools, residence, restoration projects.

This is a house for many. A joint family, a couple with their 2 teenage kids and their parents living together.
Its a duplex which has adequate space to house the varied needs and expectations all under one roof.

The general layout of the house is three sided open with rooms for the teenage kids and grandparents and the young couple located on the upper floor. The house is in New Delhi. A split level home with two distinct plans for each level.
Two bedrooms on the lower floor with formal drawing / dinning and an open kitchen with connecting internal staircase leading to the upper floor with three bedrooms and a family lounge. The concept was to create a house with dual spaces which blend together with maximum natural light wading through all its spaces.

The meditation area designed with traditional Indian wooden columns is kept as a central part of the house. A water body created with ingrained laser cut fish design patterns forms an interesting element in the interior creating transition between the drawing and dining space.The decor is kept very subtle with emphasis on the art work, with colors added in the space. A double height glazing is used to maximize light in the space with wooden staircase leading to the upper floor.

The kitchen is designed in white tones and  has interesting three dimensional tile patterns on  the floor. Each room in the house has been designed with a theme. The individuality of each resident of the room is highlighted with the colors and effects as a whole.

The parent’s room is kept as simple, whereas son’s room has been designed in black and grey tone with interesting quotes written on the back wall over blackboard using colored chalk.

The upper floor has a lobby which connects to the three bedrooms, two rooms- master bedroom and daughter room in the front and a guest bedroom at the rear. A lounge is placed near it on an elevated platform with wooden flooring creating transition from outer space to the inner core of bedrooms. The lighting and grey texture creates a unique ambience in the space. The double height connecting the two floors has interesting multiple colored lights hanging from ceiling , creating a composition in the space as well as complementing the colorful painting.

The daughter’s room has an abstract wall paneling at rear with interesting laser cut panel on the ceiling. The master bedroom has a three dimensional paneled wall at the rear. The entire space is enhanced by natural light filtered through the front glazing highlighting grey and blue tones used in the room. The guest bedroom in contrast to other space has been designed by using a bold color theme.