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A Home as a Style Statement

This spacious residence is a fine example of art, and design that has been made to suit the client’s sensibilities.

Designing an urban apartment that is a blend of modern aesthetics and natural element can get bit tricky. Space constraints play a big role in dictating the rhythm of a home. A balanced use of nature, art and accessories can help in achieving this cohesion.

The owners had their very own style statement they wanted to make. The design team at Hiren Patel Architects had been given the task of merging their design sense with a functional and beauty perspective.

After many meetings between the duo and visits to exhibitions, Indian Contemporary Art and landscaping forms were selected for the space. The foundation for this home’s design was the homeowners’ life and their experiences.

The resulting apartment has a private elevator that leads to the foyer, which in turn leads to a formal living space in which wood has been generously used from the floors to the wooden rafters on the ceiling.

The attached balcony has a mixture of frangipani, ficus and other greens that barricades the view of the concrete building outside. The other side flows into a dining space intersected by an enclosed seating area, and continues into the family room.

All these three spaces have been divided by frameless glass in order to de-compartmentalize the space and allow them to flow into one another.

The dining area has been kept understated to complement the adjoining areas. An open kitchen format has been adopted in order to keep the space neat.

The enclosed seating area is a 10x10 space that has been converted into a multifunctional area. It is used as a green space, which expands into a bar and reading zone. A water body has been created as a focal point of the space.

To liven up this space further, the ceiling has been treated with floral wooden pattern with indirect lighting. Textured wooden planks that resemble a tree bark have been used as flooring.

This couple likes to entertain, and wanted an element of glamour attached to this space. Hence the designers have used mirrors and infused with wood.

The family room has been given a relaxed feel. A wall accessory in form of flying of birds, adorns the wall. The idea was to make them feel close to the natural environment as it would help them unwind and relax. The furniture has the neutral tones to validate the easy atmosphere of the space. The ceiling has a black niche for track light to focus on the artwork on the walls.

The house has three bedrooms and the master bedroom has been given a sophisticated and romantic feel; hence we put drapes over the bed. The metal artwork in the room has been specially designed for the couple by Bipin shah, an artist from National Institute of Design. The house is well lit without the use of fancy light fixtures, concealed lights have been used for that end.