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A Smart Office

Connecting its people through a dynamic network of information, spaces and ideas is the cornerstone of GSK’s new office. A spanking new smart office with flexible seating and cabin less format promises stronger collaboration and greater productivity.

The tallest corporate building in Gurgaon is new corporate office of GSK Consumer Healthcare. The design has been inspired by the GSK heart which forms the core of the GSK logo and encapsulates the company’s dedication to improve the quality of lives by do more, feel better and live longer.

The smart office with its formal and informal spaces has been techied up to ensure that work continues uninterrupted from any corner. The design comprises flexible seating and cabin less format that would encourage greater collaboration and strengthen engagement. Employees are empowered to select their own seats within their functional neighborhood and outside of that. In a complete shift from the past, the functional heads now share space with their respective teams to drive greater teamwork. This is the second smart office from the ground-up within GSK after the North American Headquarters at Navy Yard, Philadelphia.

Occupying the top floors of a newly designed building, the new office overlooks the green expanse of the Golf course on one side, the busy streets and the upscale residential skyline on the other. Aided by technology and cutting edge design, this smart office encourages collaboration, flexible and energetic work culture leading to increased productivity and performance.

The design of the space is inspired by the human body: the heart, the vein, the brain and the skin. At the core of the office is the heart which drives the energy from the lift lobby and the open greeting area of the reception. The vein outlines this section, creating the central circulation through the access controlled spaces for movement and connectivity that inspires conversations. The third layer is the brain and the space where ideas take birth in smart working meeting rooms, quiet rooms and small relaxed huddle areas. The final area is the skin and the space where work breathes and gives rise to collaboration and co-creation.

Commenting on the move to the new office, Mr. Zubair Ahmed, Managing Director, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Limited, said, “We are looking forward to an open, free and fun work environment, allowing employees to enjoy their work and be more productive.

The idea of this smart office originated from an internal study which indicated that 85% of the assets in any office were dedicated to stationed cubicles. Interestingly only 35% of work related activities were happening in these areas. This is a dramatic shift from the usual office set-up to an absolute barrier free, flexi seating options across levels.”

The building and the office has been designed keeping in mind the most viable sustainable features. The office design will ensure decreased use of paper and energy with energy saving devices installed. The architectural design is backed with high end technological advancements and international quality safety systems.