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Manchester United Cafe Bar

“Glory, Glory, Man United!” The anthem echoed through the 3500 sf Manchester United Café and Bar at R City Mall, Ghatkopar. With life-size posters of popular players and graphics adorning the walls of the Café and Bar, one felt immersed in the history and the legacy of what Manchester United stood for.

The outlet design had the characteristic trademark; Red and Black, which are the colors of the Club. A patron was greeted with a large backlit logo at the entrance with football’s hanging from the ceiling imparting a characteristic game atmosphere. The outlet was divided into 3 zones; namely: the Active zone (Bar area) , the spectator zone (dining area) and the Warm-up Zone (pool table area) giving flexibility to choose his comfort zone from where he can view the spectacular “Big Screen” which is the key of any sports bar to give various options.

While the ambience of the Café and Bar was aimed at being casual, it still gave a sophisticated touch in its detailing. The dynamic feature of the outlet was the bar area with its unique rope ceiling. The inspiration of the same derived from a ‘Mexican Wave’; a rhythmic movement of the crowd throughout the stadium.

A wooden beam ran along the ceiling in a curve with red nylon ropes forming a rippling effect in the framework. The bar back was enhanced with edge lit glass shelves for their bottle display. Flanked on either side of the bar were the Home and Away zone with casual high seating opposite the bar. Chain link fence with football stands added to the casual atmosphere of the outlet.

The Large community table flanked the right hand side of the bar area which sits opposite the Big Screen thus making perfect viewing spot and making new friends. This was the gathering zone for fans to assemble while watching a football match. The booth style seating lined against the curved mall façade with low hanging lights over the tables giving a different dining option. The façade adjoining the booth seating was lined with a large graphic of the Manchester United Players also cutting indirect glare into the outlet.

About Studio Osmosis
Studio Osmosis is a multidisciplinary design practice formed by Sameer Balvally and Shilpa Jain Balvally in 2010. Studio Osmosis is a multi-disciplinary Architecture, Interior design and Master planning firm with balancing strengths combining youth, experience and creativity. They have worked on various Hospitality, Commercial, Banks, Residential, Boutique retail as well as Healthcare projects in various Indian cities as well as abroad.

Both Sameer and Shilpa have been felicitated as the next generation architects as the ‘ IGen Top50’ in 2013 . They have also both been awarded the ‘Young Achiever 2013’ by the MACCIA (Maharashtra Chambers of Commerce).