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Milan Design Week 2014

world’s largest furniture fair
Excellence makes its mark.

Held in the Milan Fairgrounds at Rho from Tuesday 8th to Sunday 13th April 2014, iSalone featured a total of 1,737 exhibitors across an overall exhibition area of 340,000 square metres.

Of this, EuroCucina (now in its 20th edition) featured 128 exhibitors across four pavilions and a net exhibition area of 24,800 square metres.

The International Bathroom Exhibition (now in its 5th edition) featured 174 exhibitors across two pavilions and a net exhibition area of 17,900 square metres.

SaloneSatellite featured the presence of 650 designers (additional to the total number of exhibitors listed above) which included students from the 16 international design schools plus ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale) across a net exhibition area of 2,800 square metres.

The total number of visitors to this years fair was 357,212 which included industry professionals and media from across the globe.

Designers Rupesh & Archana Baid bring to us a firsthand report on the world’s largest furniture fair – Salone del Mobile 2014

For an entire week, from 8th to 13th April, Milan gave a chance to all iSaloni 2014 and Milan Design Week 2014 visitors to assist and witness, some great design collections and colorfull visual exhibitions. Among outstanding exhibitors, there were a few that caught our attention.

Collaboration and cross-disciplinary design key to this year’s Milan Furniture Fair

From the highly commercial exhibits of the mega furniture brands, through to the experimental work by designers from all corners of the globe, Milan’s Salone del Mobile 2014 had it all.

The new president of the fair, Claudio Luti ensured a better experience for the visitors including less expensive accommodation and improving transport to the fair. Luti is also the president and owner of Italian powerhouse brand Kartell, which had one of the biggest and best designed stands at the fairgrounds in Rho. Kartell introduced a new, exclusive and brilliant metal finishes in colours including gold, bronze, silver, gun-metal grey and copper. “Precious”, was the word that KARTELL found to establish a connection for this new collection.

All this metallization process used by Kartell gave an impeccable result in terms of appearance, touch, resistance and strength of the varnishes used.

Several Kartell best-sellers were illuminated with this new metal finish, giving them a new lease of life. Meanwhile, Japanese designer Tokijin Yoshioka’s new piece for the company “Sparkle” has the look of cut crystal. Cornelio Cappellini introduced some novelties, amongst which was “Iride” collection, a perfect combination of Murano glass, steel and precious marbles. Jack, a sofa, combines antique style fabrics with very modern metal parts.

Baxter’s collection inspired from the 50s, uses shades of colour such as the ruby red, sage green and saffron yellow for upholstered pieces, paired with material such as brass, for the small tables, lamps and hemp for the wall paper and rugs. These enhanced by the use of new types of leather, enrich the Baxter collection.

The future of design is hard to predict, but based on this year’s Milan furniture fair, there is a trend towards the collaborative and the multi-disciplinary. Even the big brands are drawing on iconic pieces from the past, or steering towards new materials, with an emphasis less on the grand gesture and more on quality and authenticity.

From luxury to simplicity?
If luxury has predominated for years in furniture construction and materials, today we are seeing a trend towards a frugal use of resources that represents the birth of a new style, ‘pauperism’, not the only progeny of the crisis we continue to face, and sire of a new ethos of chaste, sometimes severe product design, moderate in the adoption of figurative referents.

Design becomes elementary and structure simple in the work of Daniele Bortotto and Giorgia Zanellato, two young veterans of the SaloneSatellite who present La Serenissima for Moroso, a seating collection inspired by the high waters of Venice that echoes the raised gangways used to combat flooding, upholstered with moiré fabrics made by Rubelli.

A ‘dietary regimen’ that design seems to have imposed on itself, focusing on the functional and translating into lightweight, exposed frames and thinner padding, as in the Casablanca sofa by Baldessari & Baldessari for Adele C or Zinta by Lievore Altherr Molina for Arper, Bench System by Francesco Rota for Lapalma, and Sabal by Matteo Nunziati for Coro.

Minimalism, eternal by definition, finds new vitality in the wake of this ‘pauperist’ trend. One need only look at the Anin stool by the young Spaniard David Lopez Quinoces for Living or the Orfeo bed by Ferruccio Laviani for Lema. There’s space as well for ‘Alpine design’, furniture that a shepherd might place in his hut, conjugated in solid wood dowels with exposed joints, or in milking stools upholstered in fabric or hide paired with soft sofas like Popit by Analogia Project for Frag, or the Nepal armchair covered in curly Mongolian sheepskin by Paola Navone for Baxter, or the Peg endtables by Nendo for Cappellini.

@ EuroCucina 2014
Euro Cucina the International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition is an integral part of iSaloni’s success and appeal. The exhibition brings together top Italian manufacturers with foreign manufactures, thereby providing an endless spectrum of ideas.

@ Salone Internazionale del Bagno 2014

Bagno, the International Bathroom Exhibition, runs concurrently alongside Euro Cucina. In light of the fact that bathrooms everywhere are becoming increasingly cozy and domestic, the 2014 Bagno focus was: “The bath becomes room and spa.”