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Mondeal Square

A landmark for Ahmedabad
Blocher Blocher India, the Asian subsidiary of Blocher Blocher Partners, designed a mixed-use building that is going to be a landmark in Ahmebadad: the Mondeal Square. Located in a booming district right at S. G. Highway, the complex offers 17,000 square metres floor area including 3,600 square metres retail space and ten floors for offices.

The building is defined by its remarkable facade structure. With its elliptical shape, it shows an inviting gesture to passers-by. The urban development and architectural conception fits perfectly into the cityscape and can be seen and recognized over a long distance. Consequently, at night, the building transforms into a translucent highlight.

At a glance
Urbanistic and architectural conception of a mixed-use complex.


S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad, India

Gross floor area
17,000 square metres

thereof retail space
3,600 square metres

Samir Pathak, Ahmedabad