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Mondeal Retail Park

Individual luxury
With the Mondeal Retail Park, the Asian subsidiary of Blocher Blocher Partners, Blocher Blocher India, realised an outstanding ensemble of landmark buildings in one of the most exclusive areas of Ahmedabad. Located at S. G. Highway, an exceptional shopping centre was built on three levels, housing retailers, services and restaurants. A green, shady plaza and ample parking space make the offer complete.

The architects built an ensemble with four buildings with a unique appearance. In the Indian sun the façade made of exposed concrete shimmers in variations of beige. It is structured by narrow, horizontal gaps – so, the buildings appear filigree despite their monolithic cubature. This impression is enhanced by the longish window elements.

A new era of shopping
The retail park with 16 units offers to each company – in contrast to regular malls and other big complexes – an own, gracefully designed building with a separate address. This enables retailers not only to implement a design according to their needs but also fosters individuality and independence. In addition to the hot spot location in an economically flourishing district, this attracts premium and luxury brands. Additionally, the retail park is a place of contemplation and relaxing. Blocher Blocher India realised a grand central plaza and an embedded park landscape with water gardens and places to rest. Tenderly shaded by large-size sails, this place makes sure that family, leisure and shopping are successfully united within this unique complex.

At a glance

New construction of a retail and business park for 16 retailers, service facilities and restaurants as well as underground garage with 160 parking spaces.


S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad, India

Gross floor area
25,000 square metres on three levels

Shraddha Rathi, Ahmedabad

HN SafalGroup