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German Film Museum, Frankfurt:

More room for the film
The historic external envelope of the Wilhelminian-style villa, home of the film museum in Frankfurt, was not only seen as a limiting frame for a new inner life by the architects; it should also come up itself in undisguised form. With the reopening, the building has found its way back to former glory. At the same time the museum offers the public significantly extended programming areas and furthermore, conveys a totally new room experience.

To give the building a new face inside, one of the most important planning tasks was to enable and make use of hidden potentials. The users of the building, visitors and employees, do now experience architecture as series of rooms which first and foremost communicates by optically comprehensible parameters, so dimensioning, visual connections and surface qualities. However, the structural logic of architecture can be understood as a creative performance which first and foremost serves functionality. It now results from the user’s perspective with natural casualness. For such an ideal result, the organisation of the layout is also in times of virtual model simulation of decisive importance for the architectural design.

Room for development
Partially new ceiling constructions allow spacious interior solutions in the principal floors – requirement for innovative exhibition and mediation concepts of the museum. The extensive foyer with the planned media library, shop and café welcomes the visitor. He will find exhibition rooms spread over three floors. In addition, there are museum-educational offers on the fourth floor and administration rooms on the fifth floor.

The contemporary development facilitates orientation. In the principal floors, there are foyers in front of the exhibition rooms that, with their free view over the Main river, develop a relaxed charm of a lounge as it is pretty rare to find in a museum. The building ground plan seems here like a monumental camera, pointed at the Frankfurt skyline. Also the in-house cinema in the basement presents itself completely redesigned. All in shades of red, the room evokes not only tradition of this most important place of film reception but also guarantees highest film enjoyment thanks to its innovative technical equipment. Viewed as a whole, more room for the film also means: new room for development for the museum.

At a glance
Renovation and modernisation of the film museum incl. new overall area and circulation concept

Architecture/Interior Design

Schaumainkai 41, 60596 Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Nikolaus Koliusis, Stuttgart

Deutsches Filminstitut (DIF e.V.)