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Infosys Mangala is the software development center designed for Infosys Technologies at Mangalore. The facility, designed to accommodate more than a thousand software professionals, has a built-up area of approximately two hundred thousand square feet. The building has been designed in the form of a contoured hillock to synchronize with the general character of Mangalore terrain. The form incorporates both curves and straight lines

The master plan consists mainly of two building blocks. The front block consists of the office work space. The rear ‘entertainment’ block is designed to accommodate the cafeteria, indoor sports activities, a health club and a gymnasium. There is swimming pool on the first floor, on top of the cafeteria. In between the blocks an open-air theatre has been created at the ground level.

Project Info
Site Area: 2 Acres
Built-up Area: 2,50,000 SFT
Building Height: B + G + 4 Floors Each
Location: Mangalore
Status: Completed

About Company
I.D.E.A Centre Architects Pvt.Ltd established in 1989, is an Architectural and Urban Planning Consulting Company that offers complete solutions in planning and architecture. “IDEA” in I.D.E.A Centre stands for 'Initiative for Design Excellence in Architecture’. The company has executed more than two hundred projects and many of them have been widely published. I.D.E.A Centre is a recipient of many prestigious honors. With its vast experience in the realm of construction, the company combines planning and design with well-researched data making the solutions appropriate, state of the art and cost effective. They can be contacted at