Kapil Aggarwal

Spaces Architects

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Spaces Architects

KAPIL AGGARWAL of SPACES ARCHITECTS@ka has a B.Arch degree from MIT, Manipal and has since worked with architectural spaces. He has an inclination for fine arts since childhood. He considers himself an artist turned into an architect, and considers his project an extension of his art form.

His firm works with an objective to design, detail in responsive to the client’s need in very professional manner. The word ‘SPACES’ is a very integral part of their work . Their spaces are not formulaic but are derived on the basic requirement of client and site. Each house, building or space has got its individual identity, like human no two buildings can be same ,and hence seek to give it an identity and soul so they can breathe and communicate.

He has won 28 International and National award in last few years, with ADHARSHILA VATIKA School being featured in ATLAS OF WORLD ARCHITECTURE among few selected works from India, also the project has won Design share Award 2008, on awarded for innovative learning Environment, only Asian firm to win in this category.