RAK 'Styler' Wall Tile

Just how the right accessories enhance the appeal of an outfit, the perfect tile can influence the look of the entire space. RAK Styler wall tile concepts offers that palatial look to your lovely abode.

Embellish your walls with RAK Styler and give your home a designer look. Available in size of 298 X 598 mm in 42 concepts (including 16 new) the RAK ‘Styler’ series is strictly for the style connoisseurs. Molded out of rich vitrified base tiles in 5 types of finishes -- Polished, Rustic, Matt Sealant Glaze and Slate, the series offers a complete package of a design theme for your Living Spaces.

Designed as per Indian needs, ‘RAK Styler’ is a result of design and technological innovations such as bright abstract embossed effects, bold floral finishes with a splash of metallic sheen to offer distinctive character. The collection also carries subtly finished geometrical pattern with texture design to play up the decorative statement with clearly defined dynamic designs.

RAK Stylers will not only add glamour and style to your house, but also mesmerize all those who will visit your lovely abode.

MRP: Base Tiles - Rs.101 per sq ft. Onwards
Highlighter – Rs. 675 per sq.ft. Onwards