Boffi Air Fan

The fan comes with a remote system which responds effortlessly to user commands and a unique feature of rotation reversal. In winters the fan throws the air upwards, gently retrieving the warm air that had risen and accumulated against the ceiling, thereby saving energy.

Sinuously crafted wood vanes crafted out of one piece of wood with a natural wax treatment and an exposed stainless steel motor allows it to blend into the décor of any room. The Fan comes with Bahia natural wood or black-lacquerer finish. The wax finish heightens the natural beauty of this sculpture for the ceiling.

The fan is available in 100mm outside diameter with radio control; up to 5 speed and consumes 220v/50 Hz. Total height of the fan: 400/730/1200 mm. Boffi Air Fan - Minimal Series is engineered with precision-ground ball bearings, multiple capacitors for speed controls and patented sound dampeners for a noise free operation.

Available at: Studio Creo Tel: 011-4600 2100