SGG Cool-Lite, Saint Gobain

This 11 storeyed contemporary glass building is the Central Bureau of Investigation headquarters in New Delhi.

This project is designed by Raja Aederi Consultant, the fabricating services of Glaze Techno have been deployed. An IGBC-certified building, it is said to be modeled after the Interpol Headquarters at Lyons, France, housing over 2000 employees.

Being a heat reflective glass, SGG Cool-Lite ST used in this project cuts solar heat and keeps the interiors of a building cooler through the daytime, thus reducing the cost of air conditioning.

This reflective glass provides optimum light transmission, thus allowing natural daylight into the interiors and reducing glare. This reduces the need for artificial lighting.

SGG Cool-Lite complies with LEED and ECBC regulations, making it one of the most sought-after solar control glass solutions in its class.

The glass facade brings a rare elegance to the building, bearing the Saint-Gobain trademark, and making it stand out from the conventionally designed offices.

SGG Cool-lite ST comes in a wide range of colours:
• SGG Cool-lite Platinum (ST 108)
• SGG Cool-lite Sterling Silver (ST 120)
• SGG Cool-lite Graphite (ST 136)
• SGG Cool-lite Deep Green (ST 408)
• SGG Cool-lite Aquamarine (ST 420)
• SGG Cool-lite Turquoise (ST 436)
• SGG Cool-lite Titanium Blue (STB 120)
• SGG Cool-lite Blue Isle (ST 708)
• SGG Cool-lite Tranquil Blue (ST 720)
• SGG Cool-lite Blue Breeze (ST 736)

SGG Cool-Lite ST complies with Green Building LEED as well as ECBC norms. The Deep Green variant (ST 408) of SGG Cool-Lite has been used for this building.