Westinghouse Heater

Westinghouse offers a range of warmers - Fan, Ceramic, Convector, & Oil filled radiator to tackle the on coming winter blues.
Westinghouse Fan heaters provide rapid heating of a room with less noise compared to other branded heaters.
Ceramic heaters are space heaters that generate heat by passing electricity through heating wires embedded in ceramic plates which protects the wire against overheating and extends its lifespan. They are usually portable and typically used for heating a room or small office.
Convector heaters are safe to use and their operation is almost silent compared to fan-assisted heaters.
The company gives further choice in oil fin radiator heater, which has elegant look embedded with modern technology which is free from dryness of skin. It has features like 3 heat settings (low/med/high) with 24 hour manual timer, cord wrap for storage when not in use and fi xed wheels for moving heater to desired area.
The product is available in home appliance stores of Delhi & NCR region, with the reasonable price range from Rs 2000 to Rs 9000.