Quadro - ball bearing benefits for furniture

Ball bearings are precision components that deliver the smoothest possible action and enjoy an extremely long life. And they are virtually indestructible, coping with big temperature fluctuations and tremendous loads. Runner elements in furniture and household appliances work hard, often in the most difficult conditions. If you are looking for a tough runner system capable of delivering peak performance and of coping with a heavy work load, there is nothing to beat a system based on the ball bearing idea - the Quadro system.

How Soft closing System shuts drawers softly and soundlessly ?

Noise levels in the home shoot up when drawers are closed vigorously. The front slams against the unit. Drawer contents rattle. Contents get shaken up. Things clatter, nerves Jangle. Drawers with this System banish this type of disturbance. They help to create a relaxed mood and a more efficient working environment.
Peacock For Ever offers Soft Closing System that closes all drawers gently and softly - from lightly laden sock drawers in the bedroom to heavily laden cutlery drawers in the kitchen. This System is integrated in the Quadro runner to save kitchen manufacturers additional production steps. II is completely invisible, completely effective and very impressive.

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