Sculpture decor

A glimpse of the works of 3 artists, Renu Khandelwal, Namita Saksena and Gauri Verma which will be showcased at Lalit Kala Akademi. They are created from bronze, fiberglass and mixed media.

Renu Khandelwal is a sculptor who embodies feelings and emotions as a form. The angular and the curvical are fused with perfect harmony and create the backbone of each of Renu’s abstract sculptures where angles and lines abound with astounding lyricism.
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Namita Saksena’s realistic sculptures have a lifelike quality infused by simple yet sublime human expressions and textures. This is reiterated by the innovative signature elements like benches, draped figures, birds and books that are beautifully incorporated in her art.
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Gauri Verma’s conceptualization of the composition of her sculptures is extraordinary. Her sculptures are a far cry from the academic style, bordering on the modern and experimental with abstract and realistic forms. Some of her works display a rare insight into her unique creative approach.
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