The Perfect Sleeping Solution, Serta

Serta, America’s No.1 luxurious mattress brand has launched their most popular iSeries mattresses in India.

These mattresses are ideal for back support. They are made using the Serta’s own patented Posture Spiral Spring Technology (PSST) together with cool action gel infused Visco foam technology and the Mega foam Technology from Germany, thus offering additional support & comfort.

PSST is a revolution in spring mattress technology.They have no knots, sharp edges or loose ends to penetrate the padding layers, which therefore conforms one’s body shape providing utmost comfort and also gives high durability to the mattress.

The cool action gel-infused Visco foam technology is designed to feel like traditional memory foam, but with superiority. The microsupport gel creates an extremely comfortable and cooler sleep surface and provides advance pressure relief. Finally, Mega Foam Technology is an advanced German technology for manufacturing foam which employs environment friendly manufacturing methods keeping in line with international environment friendliness standards and the foam manufactured with this technology has open cell structure that facilitates proper air circulation throughout the foam and minimizes heat formation on the surface. All SERTA mattresses come with this revolutionary Mega Foam.

The mattress is available with a platform bed base in order to deliver the optimum support, comfort and maintain the feel factor for a totally customizable bedroom experience. It comes in 3 grades namely Chronicle, Bon Vivant and Optimus priced at Rs. 98,297, Rs. 1,13,862 and Rs. 93,130 respectively.

The iSeries range from Serta is available in India at Serta company showroom in Bangalore & at Franchisee outlets: Décor World, Hyderabad & Just Home, Gurgoan.