RAK Ceramics launches Verve by Styler Grande

RAK Ceramics’ affinity to flexible sizes has further strengthened as it has come up with new and unique vitrified wall tile concepts in India Verve – A Sub brand of the much in vogue RAK Styler Grande. Available in size of 298 X 1198 mm, Verve is an extension to RAK Styler Grande.

Verve has been inspired from design trends which are in vogue across the globe. Verve not only boasts of artistic excellence but also has strong technical features. The vitrified body ensures long lasting durability, water absorption is less than 0.5% and the tiles are dust and stain resistant. The tiles also come in variety of textures and finishes to add a touch of class. The grand size of 298 X 1198 mm helps create a seamless and monolithic appearance that suit big and small spaces and liven up the interiors with awe-inspiring designs.