Aluminium Extrusions and Flat Rolled Products from Jindal

Jindal Aluminium Limited (JAL) specializes in a smart array of solutions as the true measure of success for the building and architecture industry.
With a reputation that is built on reliability, innovation and flexibility, JAL is the only company in India equipped with 7 extrusion presses ranging from 750 US Tons to 4000 US Tons with installed capacity of 75000 tons per annum.
The company offers an array of nearly 9500 Aluminium extruded profiles. Jindal extrusions are also exported to USA, Canada, UK, Europe, South America, Middle East and other African countries with widespread applications in the field of Construction, Aerospace, Aviation, Transport, Solar Energy etc.,
JAL has diversified into Aluminium rolled products by manufacturing Aluminium sheets, coils and Aluminium foils with installed capacity of 40,000 TPA. JAL has gained good market share and reputation with supplies of good quality products.