Mathios stones now in India

HFinteriorss are the direct distributors of Mathios Stones from Mathios Refractories ( Greece). MATHIOS STONEs are hand made stone veneers produced from lightweight raw materials, concrete, various iron oxides and water. Mathios stones itself have become the synonyms for the artificial stones with the Architects and Stone lovers. HF Interiors has the largest portfolio of Mathios Stone products in ready stock at their large warehouse facility of over 30,000 sq.ft making it easy for Architects and end users to procure them.

The advantages of using Mathios Stone instead of actual stone ?

*They are lighter than natural stones (approximately ½ the weight of the equivalent natural stone.
*They are a more economical solution.
*They are easy to transport since they are lighter and are delivered in cartons with specific dimensions.
*The application of the hand made stone veneer is by far a cleaner process since there is no residual waste from the additional trimming and alterations that natural stone requires.
*Better visual effect due to the corner pieces and special shapes (accessories) that are available for all textures and combinations of MATHIOS STONE.
*The hand made stone veneer MATHIOS STONE in addition offers thermal and sound insulation.
*They are available in a great variety of textures, colors and dimensions, covering the needs of modern architectural demands.
*Mathios stones price range between Rs. 250 – Rs.400 per sq ft.

HF Interiorss