New Spanish inspired collection from NITCO

NITCO’s latest Grandeur collection is inspired by Spanish style. Spaniards use tiles in the most creative manner, this stunning collection comprises of tiles which can be used for decorating floors and the walls of your house.

These designs provide a rich heritage touch with their artistic and intricate patterns and subtle colours; yet they are very much contemporary.

The range includes Estilo Mocha & Estilo Fog with Lapato Finish and Bruno, Acedo Copper & Acedo Alcedo with metal finish.

All these tiles are HD digital tiles made with 6 colour prism printing technology. They are anti-skid, antibacterial and odor free tiles which provide better hygiene conditions and are available in 600 mm x 600 mm size. They resist stains, dirt and can be cleaned up with a damp mop, sponge or common household cleaner.