Samsung Q9000 AC

The Samsung air conditioner range includes premium floor standing air conditioner series - Q9000 that offers energy-efficient cooling technology in an innovative, sleek design. The Q9000 is the world’s first air conditioner that uses jet engine technology and three spiral airflows to cool the air faster than any other conventional air conditioner unit. Of the two models in the Q9000 series, one offers only Cooling, while the other offers the advantage of composite Heating and Cooling (Climate Control), thereby eliminating the need of buying separate AC and Heater products.

Slim and elegant in an earthy brown glossy glass finish, the Q9000 blends in perfectly with its surrounding décor making a stylish lifestyle statement with its. Equipped with advanced operations for comfort, the Smart Inverter Compressor, a Smart sensor and a Solo and Family cooling mode adjusts the temperature helping to reducing energy wastage. The Q9000, 2.3T capacity AC and is available for Rs. 164,000/- for the Cooling model and Rs 177,000/- for the Cooling and Heating model.

Apart from the digital inverter series and floor standing air series, the Samsung Split Air Conditioner range include BEE Star Rated Split AC models that make-up Crystal, Purista and Max Series. Available in unique floral pattern (Sanganeri) and colours (Spiritual Blue, Refined Wine, Turquoise Green and India Green) these three Samsung Air Conditioner series are priced between Rs 26,000/- to Rs 42,700/- (available in 1.0T, 1.5T and 2.0T capacities). The premium digital inverter Series is priced between Rs. 37,800/- to Rs 55,200/-