'abri-boca' explores the theme of transformation- the transition between open spaces to more intimate and enclosed ones. My goal was to primarily observe, understand and research the meaning of “transformation”, which should ultimately lead to a discovery of a new product.

I propose that people need “spaces of calmness” to direct the course that they want to live. Yet, these “spaces” seem to vanish in our daily routines. Relaxation, calmness and the awareness that comes from having time to disconnect seem to have a decreasing part in our live. Pursuing that thought, I have conducted research at the intersection of nature, motion, society and living spaces.

My goal has been to ultimately create an object that symbolizes and captures the meaning of “Transformation” and creates the user a space to retreat from the hustle of daily live.

My design affords users to rest within the object in an open state, and if more privacy is desired, one can easily pull the wooden shell closed via a pivoting mechanism, creating a protective canopy over the occupant.

About Phillip Sussmann

Philipp Süssmann, born in 1987, received a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design from the University of Munich, Germany. His vision as a product designer is to explore human needs to create new solutions, beginning with an initial idea through to a finished product or service. While continuously trying to experiment and explore, Philipp´s intention is to create unconventional products that combine functionality with aesthetics, working at the intersection of art, craft and design. During his studies he worked as an intern with Octopus Design, Brodbeck Design and Marco Sousa Santos Design. Currently he is working at HANS and FRANZ studio in Munich.

In the future he will pursue a masters degree at the “School of Industrial Design” in Lund, Sweden.